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Dates to be Booked on an Individual Basis


Lighthouse Holistic Wellness Centre

4-week Private Masterclass: The Resilient Heart

Within this private coaching container, learn and practice the foundational skills developed by the HeartMath Institute over their 30 years of scientific Heart--Brain research.

4-week Private Masterclass: The Resilient Heart
4-week Private Masterclass: The Resilient Heart

Time & Location

Dates to be Booked on an Individual Basis

Lighthouse Holistic Wellness Centre

About the event

HeartMath® Institute’s 30 years of Heart—Brain research demonstrates that different patterns of heart activity have significant and measurable effects on your emotions, health, behaviors, and quality of life.

Fun Facts about the Heart:

❤️The heart sends more information to the brain than vice versa.

🧡The heart’s magnetic field—which can be measured up to several feet away from the body— changes according to our emotions AND due to its large magnetic range, impacts the people & environment around us.

💛Positive emotions like gratitude, appreciation & joy create physiological benefits for our nervous, immune & hormonal systems.

💚Coherent heart rhythms influence our emotions, perception, creativity, health, & decision-making.

💙Studies showed that participants who practiced heart—brain synchronization just 10 minutes a day experienced: 49% increase in Calmness, 36% increase in quality Sleep, and 27% increase in Mental Focus. These studies further showed participants lowered their Fatigue by 53% and their rates of Depression, Anxiety & Anger by staggering 67%!!

By signing up for this 4-week HeartMath® masterclass, you will learn how to notice and positively change your Heart Rate Variability (HRV). These skills will create a more coherent state within all bodily systems, including the nervous system, for improved emotional and physical health outcomes. You will be guided back into emotional balance, increase levels of resilience and connect back into your inner wisdom and intuition to find new levels of clarity and ease with decision making.

Each week we will learn one of the foundational HeartMath® techniques that draw upon breathwork, imagery and mindfulness. These skills are time efficient and often take no more than 3-10min/day to see a marked improvement in wellness. HeartMath is a favorite amongst busy parents and career driven executives due to how easily one can access their Heart to affect and optimize their HRV.

This program includes contemplative homework and weekly practices to apply to your day to day. Through a somatic body-based coaching style and compassionate inquiry, we will work through the strengths and obstacles that could be interfering with your success moving forward. If time allows during our 1:1 sessions, there will be an opportunity to integrate the lesson learned with a closing sound bath for further nervous system regulation.

Dates: To be booked on an individual basis; please email Kristy directly to inquire

Length of sessions:  90 minutes (which may include vibrational resonance therapy)

Investment: $875

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