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Why Work with a Professional Holistic Nurse Coach?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say 1) The current healthcare system is outdated and ineffective in creating lasting wellness, and 2) Your health is not owed to you; it’s earned.

Is that statement difficult to read? Well, hear me out...

In the changing climate that is our healthcare system, it’s important for the public to recognize that personal agency and self advocacy is fundamental to achieving long lasting health outcomes. Not all medical practices or practitioners are created equal. Remember, healthcare is a business—even in Canada. If your medical services are not meeting consumer expectation and you continue to have mystery symptoms, don't feel heard by your current healthcare team, feel overburdened by medications with no relief, then you have the obligation to speak up for yourself. You are worthy of living a fulfilled life and owe it to yourself to find another avenue toward sustainable health if the current one is not working.

To see results, it is essential to have the serious intention to be at the forefront of your unique healing journey. Being informed and making educated decisions that connect you to your core values is an ongoing inside job.

Does it feel overwhelming or impossible to try to figure it out on your own? Of course it does! But this is where the role of a Holistic Nurse Coach could be of benefit to you. I fully understand how intimidating the healthcare industry appears, how hard it can be to advocate for yourself when you are unwell, frustrated and struggling to gain your quality of life back. I also understand the financial burden of seeking out alternative treatments, but working with me can help lesson that stress. Healing does not have to be complicated or break the bank.

We can work together to discover what your core concerns are, highlight your strengths and apply my background in root cause investigation and nervous system regulation to co-create a doable action plan that gently moves you towards your healing goal.

Healing is possible and your voice matters to me; please reach out for your Free 20-minute Discovery Call.

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