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Vibrational Sound Resonance as Medicine

Vibrational Sound Resonance enters the healing equation from many directions.

Sound resonance alters cellular functioning and Entrains biological systems to achieve homeostasis.

The use of Gong specifically activates Theta waves within the brain, which are connected to deep states of relaxation and meditation. This deep state of relaxation also connects one to their subconscious mind, influences neurotransmitter and neuropeptide production and affects emotional states. The byproduct of a Sound Bath or applied Vibrational Sound Resonance is overall improved health and optimized functioning of the immune system.

My belief is that there is a healer is within all of us. This is why I hesitate to call myself a sound healer and think more of myself as a Sound Alchemist--one who transforms mixed metals and organic materials into healing vibrational sound resonance.

I believe that I am a conduit for the sound tools; a middle man if you will. Allowing the healing vibrations to move both through myself and the client, shining light on the hidden places, transmuting blockages and raising low vibrational states to a higher frequency of healing and wellness. The term ‘healer’ denotes I am independently responsible to ‘fix’ the client; that they themselves are missing something. This idea cancels the very concept of homeostasis, which states an organism can maintain a stable internal environment, while adjusting to changing external conditions. Ultimately, I believe every being is perfectly whol. We just require support and guidance from time to time to stabilize the internal environment to get back to our healing baseline.

I shine the flashlight and you do the healing.

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