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Understanding Dysregulation

What Dysregulation may look like for you:

1. Hypervigilance

2. Racing Heart

3. Difficulty Focusing

4. Self Critical

5. Rage

6. Intrusive, Repetitive thoughts

7. Fidgeting

8. Always staying ‘busy’

9. Nightmares/disrupted sleep patterns

10. Upset Stomach

11. Catastrophizing

12. Fear of being alone

13. Extreme procrastination

14. Depressive, flat moods

We must bring the Protective Parts back into the here and now by SHOWING them we are safe through Somatic Regulation techniques. *Remember from previous posts: using language, like talk therapy or mindset work is not an effective tool once the frontal cortex has gone offline during a dysregulated state.

Working with a trusted Somatic Trauma practitioner and Coach can offer you safe space and the relational connection to begin your successful healing journey. A Regulated state of Ease and Flow is available to every human—no one person or specific diagnosis is doomed to be forever ‘broken.’

Somatic work is not a one size fits all approach; nor, is it the only answer to healing—everything is connected within the BodyMind container.

Nutrition, Sleep, Reducing the Toxic Burden on your Liver and Gallbladder are all connected to your healing outcomes…BUT if your Protective Parts (aka your Nervous System) are in a threat hyper-overdrive, all the other hard work you are doing may seem to be falling short.

Healing is Possible!! AND so is gaining Mastery over your unique biology.

Check out my website to see if working 1:1 with me could be a fit along your healing journey.

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