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Music is all around us, affecting our physiology, feelings & emotions.

In relation to applied Polyvagal Theory for trauma & stress recovery, music activates the Ventral Vagal (VV) branch of the 10th cranial nerve (CNX); aka, the Vagus Nerve.  When we activate a VV response, we are regulating our nervous system into a state of Calm, Cool & in Connection with others.

Music also allows us to SAFELY connect into, and mobilize through, Sympathetic States (flight/flight) or Dorsal Vagal States (shutdown/freeze).  Remember we have to ‘feel it to heal it.’  Often our trauma responses lock us into an overwhelm of stuck energy, which potentiates maladaptive, self-destructive reactions & behaviours.

🌀Nervous System Regulation Pro-Tip:

Create 3 playlists filled with music that really moves you into a:

1) Calm, Connected & Relaxed Mood,

2) Energized, Powerful, Activated State and,

3) Sad, Dark & Moody for those deep soul-level lows


🏳when your feeling anxious, unfocused, flighty, easily frustrated & quick to anger put on playlist 2) (more than likely move your body to express the sounds—dancing, kettle bells, walking etc) and notice yourself come back to centre—sustain your balance by listening to playlist 1).

🏳If you have brain fog, difficulty focusing or staying on task, feeling sleepy, dull, numb, frozen, depressed or hopeless put on playlist 3) until your feel more Embodied—then, put on playlist 2) to mobilize the stuck energy through movement. Then sustain your connection back to the Self with playlist 1).

Give it a try! I promise you it works; it’s free, non-addictive & non-toxic!!!

👇🏽Share in the comments below:  what’s a song that really gives you a Somatic— body-orientated experience that helps you feel ‘better?’

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