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Interoception~ Mindfulness within the Body

The body is constantly communicating with the brain through the vagus nerve and viscera.

Although autonomic physiological changes happening within our organ systems occur below our consciousness, we can still tap into these changes through the sensory experience of our body.

Noticing tension, constriction, clenching, fluttering, increases in heart rate and breath, brain fuzziness are all forms of Interoception; of Noticing the body’s sensory experience.

The more we practice Noticing these physical sensory changes, the more we can get ahead of the reactionary states that follow.

It takes time to grow the muscle of Interoception. Often, this process starts with the Noticing occurring after a reaction--but that is still a step in the right direction! If you caught yourself Noticing, give yourself a high five!! It’s a big step…and it allows you the space to build curiosity around what led up to that outcome; to map out what sensory experience was happening in the body prior to the reaction/behavior

POV: stay away from the label "I’m anxious" its limiting and triggers the amygdala to respond!!

Instead, if it feels safe for you to do so, get curious and explore what the sensation(s) of anxiety feels like within your body. Get specific and practice using descriptive language instead like: ‘I’m really feeling my breath become shallow and my heart quicken; my head is feeling fuzzy’ then try out Step 2 in the slides: Buddha Belly Breathing.

Remember, mastery over your nervous system, reactions, behaviors and overall health is possible. Contact me for 1:1 Holistic Health Coaching, Integrative Healing Sessions and much much more...

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