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Have you Noticed Your Posture Lately?

Your Posture is the gateway to understand how the BodyMind is feeling—your inner climate—its how we carry unconscious beliefs & survival responses.

Patterned reflexes, muscle tensions & feelings/emotions that get pushed down & out of our consciousness, create mechanical changes, fascial armouring & often chronic sites of pain & illness.

Kinesthetic sensations are connected to our central nervous system through the movement of bones, joints & fluids. Together this intricate network informs the skill of Proprioception & can aid an individual’s exploration in where the Body is being held in space, related to the gravity around them.

Bringing somatic awareness & curiosity towards how we hold our spine, neck & head for example—is an effective & simple inquiry tool; bringing awareness into your present experience.

The more frequently we have open curiosity about our inner/outer experience, the more practiced we become at catching ourselves in those habitual patterns that oftentimes, no longer serve our present moment.

Chronic stress & fear may shape us from the inside out—BUT—we can change all of this through mindful relationship-building with the Self.

Somatic Posture Exercise:

Just notice your posture right now—DON’T make any changes— how it is now?

❓Does this feel familiar to you?

❓When are you most likely to take on this shape?

Now, bring your attention inward. Feel the spine lengthen, like it’s being lifted like a string of pearls; noticing a slight tuck of the chin to elongate the cervical spine.

Feel the bottom of your spine, your sacrum, dropping & anchoring towards the ground.

Soft knees.

Open & bright heart space.

Breath soft & steady at a rate & rhythm that’s comfortable for you.


❓Has your mood shifted? What are you noticing now?

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