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Gong: the Unknowable.

The Vibrational Resonance of Gong has been the most influential healing modality I’ve connected with along my journey.

Some may see this form of healing as wildly alternative or steeped in strange, spiritual, new age practices—but to me, its a tangible, ancient tool & healing practice supported by neuroscience.

The Vibrational Resonance of Gong is not only a master nervous system regulating tool, it also stimulates Theta brainwaves, which facilitate the ideal physiological state for ease & healing the BodyMind.

Theta waves allow us to access the brain centers & wisdom of our unconscious minds, normally not available during our awake states. This connection allows for the safe, unconscious processing of buried stressors/trauma; facilitating neural repair & plasticity.

Theta brainwaves enhance BodyMind rejuvenation, growth & healing by stimulating feel good neurotransmitters to allow for improved immune functioning & illness recovery.

Gong Resonance can be many different things to many people.

It can be magic. dark. mysterious. powerful. consuming. invigorating & pure light. it is the Unknowable.

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