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February's Archetype 2023: the Empty Room.

On the last Full Moon of each year, I pull a year-ahead Archetype spread. This practice provides me with an Archetypal focus & exploration for each coming month. Its a 13-card spread—the last card pulled providing the over-arching theme for the new year, which for my 2023 is ‘the Seed 🌱’

The month of February is the Archetype of the Empty Room—a space, after years of practice, sobriety & healing, I now comfortably sit—, and one I passionately redirect my clients towards in order for them to see the light within.

For the last month, the common thread shared by most of my clients has overwhelmingly been the intention to get back to the true Self; to feel grounded in the body.

Our society has created a universal feeling of lack. Of wanting—of craving—to fill ourselves with something & anything to not feel our true experience.

The Archetype of The Empty Room is filled with potential. And yet, we perceive it as not enough, like we perceive ourselves as not enough.

This is an Archetype calling for patience; for sitting with the barren walls of not knowing. For sitting with the uncomfortability, the pain, the mental agitation, the confusion, the wanting, the not knowing.

The Empty Room asks us to trust this waiting; this space of emptiness & nothingness and reminds us that the true vision and purpose of the Self is waiting for you to quiet your restlessness; so you can hear the whisper of your Soul.

🌱And so I plant this seed for you:

What is keeping you from the truest version of your Self? Is The Empty Room really overwhelming? or, through gentle practice, can it become your space of Refuge?

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