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Detoxing 101: Open Your Drainage Pathways

Opening up your #DrainagePathways should be the first step to any healing protocol. And, to be honest, I have yet to hear any allopathic doctor address this; nor, did any of the three Naturopaths & two Functional MDs I saw for my #Lyme and #CIRS Dx. This caused devastating set backs in my health & completely wiped out my immune system.

In medicine (both holistic & allopathic), it appears our egos are so eager to ‘fix’ issues without understanding & accepting that ‘healing’ is a SLOW step by step process with logical first steps: Open that Drainage Pathway and to regulate the #NervousSystem.

You may ask: if I have a Liver, why is opening the Drainage Pathway important?

The basic explanation: if you don’t support your body’s Drainage, your Detox pathways get overburdened--aka: clogged--having no choice, but to recirculate pathogens, bacteria, parasites, hormones and viruses.

You don’t have to have big ticket items like Lyme and #coinfections to be concerned about this. Having an open Drainage Pathway helps the body manage the environmental toxic burden we face; and no, a yearly ‘Liver’ detox just won’t cut it. The reality is we are exposed daily to toxins in our food, air, water, clothing, ‘beauty’ products & constant exposure to EMFs; therefore, we need to support this system to do its job.

Each of the 5-Drainage Pathways have individual protocols to help safely open them; this is part of the work I can address when working with clients 1:1 as a holistic nurse coach. BUT the number 1 tip I always have:


Ideally, 2-3 times/days and preferably your Poop looks like the #3 or #4 on the ‘Bristol Stool Chart.’ (the left and middle picture depict your ideal BM shape)

FACTS: if you are not pooping OUT those pathogens & parasites, you are clogging the other 4 systems above the Colon. This causes recirculation of toxins and hormones, which can lead to increased gut permeability and a whole cascade of BodyMind health issues.

Does any of these symptoms sound familiar?

You struggle with brain fog, poor concentration, mood disturbances, insomnia, teeth grinding, swelling to face & extremities or swollen painful lymph nodes, skin rashes (hives, psoriasis, eczema), hormone disruptions, heavy periods, weight gain, high cholesterol levels, cellulite, allergies, fertility issues, autoimmune dx, diarrhea &/or constipation, air hunger etc?

If you answered 'yes,' perhaps its time to address the first stage of healing and Opening up those Drainage Pathways. Reach out for a free 30-min Discovery Call to see if working 1:1 could be a fit.

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