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2023; The Year of the Chariot

Updated: Jan 28

This year, 2023 (2+0+2+3=7), marks the year of the Chariot; a year where you act and move ahead on a decision made in the previous year. The Chariot focuses on your goals; harnessing your energies to move forward and adventure forth.

A curious paradox is presented in the Chariot card as it reflects movement and speed, yet the vehicle is carved from a cube of stone. In mythology, the chariot symbol reflects the Self; could this cared reflect then that an individual could travel the world, physically dominate everything in a literal sense, but remain spiritually starved, ignorant and stuck—could this be the lesson of the unmovable chariot?

7 is a number of initiation; a year which takes your abilities to the next level. Solutions are arrived at. Creativity and Spirituality enmesh. Knowledge occurs in progress of the work; perseverance in adversity. Manifestation is neither easy nor comfortable in nature—growth requires expansion. Seven is the number of Victory.

This year you may have to prove your expertise by handling difficult situations, often with conflicting aspects. This card reflects the decision to take control, action or make change; yet the actions have yet to unfold.

True mastery requires that you work on self-control and self-disciple. If you give free rein to your instincts and emotions, they may tear you apart. You may also be called upon to act as a Warrior; developing assertion and creating an identity in the world. If you strive too hard, the Ego may cause you to be heavy-handed. Consider instead the path of the Bodhisattva Warrior—the path of the enlightened Warrior; one with an illuminated heart and heroic presence.

To help assert yourself in the world, put on some sort of suit of armour, persona or appearance—cloak your sensitivities and insecurities— ‘look good, feel good.’ But be careful not to become so attached and protected by your armor that you ‘turn to stone,’ becoming an immovable object.

Language also operates as a barrier and a blessing like the Chariots battle armor. Negative language reaps a negative impact on the BodyMind, whereas positive language results in positive results—be mindful of your thoughts and words—Name it to Tame it; but don’t get stuck in negative rumination.

Care Tips: this card is connected to Cancer and the Moon. Connecting with water can help soothe those touchy emotions and frayed nerves; consider incorporating regular Epson salt baths into your self-care routine this year.

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