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Tue, Oct 24


Lighthouse Holistic Wellness Centre

Unlocking Your Somatic Intelligence: 5-week Masterclass

Learn and practice the skills of nervous system awareness and regulation to transmute Friction into Flow State.

Unlocking Your Somatic Intelligence:  5-week Masterclass
Unlocking Your Somatic Intelligence:  5-week Masterclass

Time & Location

Oct 24, 2023, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Lighthouse Holistic Wellness Centre

About the event

"…Somatic bodywork, the Vagus Nerve, Nervous System Regulation…" are all hot buzz words being thrown around—AND for very good reason—but do you really know what they mean and how they can change your life?  Well let me guide you back into yourSelf.

I have spent the last 4 years delving deep into behavioural science, Polyvagal theory and somatic body/parts work to demystify the nervous system to uncomplicate trauma healing and chronic stress recovery.  I want to take the shame out of our unique human experiences to provide education and regulating experiences so clients can being to feel safe enough to rediscover their authentic self and internal wisdom.

This 5-week Masterclass Series has been developed to:

1. Educate participants on the foundations of polyvagal theory and the important role of vagal tone for overall BodyMind health.

2. Teach participants how to map out their unique nervous system and to learn how to utilize the very important contemplative question: ‘Where am I?’ in relation to where they are landing within the hierarchy of the autonomic nervous system.

3. Provide an experiential mindful somatic component so participants can feel into their bodies and breath to notice their specific tension and constriction patterns.

4. To build a tool box of nervous system regulating skills to draw upon when those patterns of tension and constriction show up.

5. Allow clients to access a deeply restful state of Integration through the closing experience of an extended Vibrational Sound Resonance journey (aka: soundbath)

6. And to provide a safe trauma-informed space for personal insight and processing to transform a life of Friction into a state of Ease and Flow.

Benefits of learning these skills:

  • You will begin to feel more Regulated, Calm and Connected to the world around you.
  • Learn to be in State vs. Story.
  • In control of your responses and less affected by 'outside' influence.
  • Come into connection with your Authentic Self for increased intuitive connection.
  • Improve your sleep quality, reduce pain levels and stress states for optimized immune functioning and overall health and wellness.

Session Format:

These sessions will be a combination of psycho-education, therapeutic group discussion, coaching, mindful somatic movement/breath and sound healing. Handouts and contemplative, somatic practices will be suggested as homework in between sessions.

Participants will benefit most from these workshops by taking an active role in their learning by integrating the contemplative homework and skills into their day-to-day life.

**Kristy will be available for one coaching call biweekly if clients find they need further support integrating the material.

Please make careful note of the Date schedule:

***TUESDAYS: Oct 3, 10, 24, Nov 7 & 21***

Time: 7-9pm (2-hour sessions)

Investment: $650

If working within a 1:1 coaching container is unavailable for you at this time, this masterclass series will provide a wealth of information, somatic practice and integrative healing equivalent to a 3-month coaching container at a fraction of the price.

RSVP:  email Kristy Directly at to book a free Discovery Call to see if these sessions are a fit 

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