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sunset; beach; being with dying

'When we die, the lines that hold us to the shore of life are cast off.  We move into unknown waters, far beyond our familiar ground. . .This is the nature of dying:  letting go into the unknown, casting off our moorings and opening to the vastness of who we really are.'

~Joan Halifax

Being with Dying; Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in the Presence of Death

In my end is my beginning...
~T. S. Eliot

The greatest honor in my career as a Registered Nurse has been creating and holding sacred space with individuals and their support systems during the End of Life transition.  What some may call: Sacred Passage.

My intention for families is to transmute any fear around the unknown into meaning, comfort and love; to stand in service as educator, advocate and guide.  I have no agenda or preconceived belief system when co-creating space for Sacred Passage.  I believe there is no right way to transition, as there can be space for both medical comforts and the spiritual, holistic lens.


I believe my role is to demystify the End of Life process so all of my clients can be fully embodied to feel into their sorrows and joys with Ease and Grace.  Having worked within both hospice and palliative care within the community setting, I can help families navigate the system in a way that aligns with their beliefs, spiritual practices and overall goals for dying with dignity while maintaining quality of life.

Sacred Passage is so unique to each and every person; because of this, I chose not to set up specific service packages.  Please contact me for your Free 30-minute Discovery Call where we can introduce ourselves to explore specifics.

Please note, I am not a palliative emergency service or specifically offer bedside care like a nursing agency.  My services are best initiated early on to have the time to build the relationships with everyone involved to create a truly safe, healing and supportive container.

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